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1 an indirect (and usually malicious) implication [syn: innuendo]
2 the act of gaining acceptance or affection for yourself by persuasive and subtle blandishments; "she refused to use insinuation in order to gain favor" [syn: ingratiation]

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  • /ɪnˌsɪnjuˈeɪʃən/, /In%sInju"eIS@n/
  • Rhymes: -eɪʃǝn


  1. The act or process of insinuating; a creeping, winding, or flowing in.
  2. The act of gaining favor, affection, or influence, by gentle or artful means; -- formerly used in a good sense, as of friendly influence or interposition.
  3. The art or power of gaining good will by a prepossessing manner.
  4. That which is insinuated; a hint; a suggestion or intimation by distant allusion; as, slander may be conveyed by insinuations.



fr-noun f
  1. insinuation

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An innuendo is a figure of speech which indicates an indirect or subtle, usually derogatory implication in expression; an insinuation.
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

access, accusal, accusation, accusing, admission, allegation, allegement, animadversion, apple-polishing, arraignment, ascendancy, ascription, aside, aspersion, ass-kissing, authority, backscratching, bill of particulars, blame, bootlicking, bringing of charges, bringing to book, broad hint, brown-nosing, charge, charisma, charm, clout, clue, complaint, consequence, control, count, credit, cringing, cue, delation, denouncement, denunciation, dominance, domination, effect, embedment, eminence, enchantment, encroachment, entrance, entree, entrenchment, entry, episode, esteem, favor, fawnery, fawning, flunkyism, footlicking, force, gentle hint, gesture, glimmer, glimmering, good feeling, graft, grafting, groveling, handshaking, hint, hold, impaction, impactment, impeachment, impingement, implantation, implication, import, importance, importation, importing, imposition, imputation, incidental power, income, incoming, incursion, index, indication, indictment, infiltration, infix, infixion, influence, influentiality, influx, information, infringement, infusion, ingoing, ingratiation, ingress, ingression, injection, inkling, innuendo, inoculation, input, inroad, insert, insertion, intake, intercalation, interference, interjection, interlineation, interlocution, interloping, interpenetration, interpolation, interposition, interposure, interruption, intervention, intimation, introduction, introgression, intromission, intrusion, invasion, irruption, kick, lawsuit, laying of charges, leadership, leakage, leverage, look, magnetism, mastery, mealymouthedness, moment, nod, nudge, obeisance, obiter dictum, obsequiousness, obtrusion, parasitism, parenthesis, penetration, percolation, perfusion, personal remark, personality, persuasion, plaint, potency, power, predominance, preponderance, pressure, prestige, prompt, prosecution, prostration, purchase, reception, reflection, reign, remark, reproach, repute, rule, say, scent, seepage, side remark, sign, signal, slur, sly suggestion, sponging, spoor, suasion, subtle influence, suggestion, suit, supremacy, suspicion, sway, sycophancy, symptom, taxing, telltale, tessellation, timeserving, toadeating, toadying, toadyism, tossing-in, track, transplant, transplantation, trespass, trespassing, truckling, true bill, tufthunting, uncomplimentary remark, unlawful entry, unspoken accusation, upper hand, veiled accusation, weight, whip hand, whisper, whispering campaign, wink
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